Pristine Bodyworks was established in 2005 in order to provide a top quality specialist BMW vehicle restoration service. Our team have many years experience in this field and have all worked on prestige models throughout their professional career. We have already completed a number of high profile builds, not only in ‘traditional’ restoration but with modified classics too. We have had vehicles leave our workshop to feature in some of the industry’s leading publications.

Although we are predominantly a BMW specialist, we have a passion for anything old and interesting, and have carried out work on a number of classic and retro vehicles.

We firmly believe that in order to provide a truly outstanding service, we must be as passionate about the brand as our customers are. Pristine Bodyworks is staffed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts, so we take a lot of time and care to make sure that the car we prepare for you is one we would be proud to keep ourselves.

We were honoured to be the chosen company for the only non-franchised BMW owned dealership in the UK to undertake their classic vehicle restoration as part of their BMW Classic Service.